The Association for Micro finance Institutions (AMFI) is a member-based organization that was established & registered in 1999 under the Societies Act. with the aim to build the capacity of Kenyan Microfinance Industry. Since its inception AMFI-K has continued to play a major role in the development of the industry with a broad mandate of promoting a conductive environment for the development of MFIs, Clients and the business environment. The membership of AMFI-K is varied bt focuses on institutions which provides microfinance services to the lower pyramid of our society.

These are:

  • Microfinance banks
  • Commercial Banks which focuseson microfinance
  • Credit only Microfinance Institutions
  • Wholesale Microfinance Lenders
  • Developmental Institutions
  • Insurance Companies(micro-insurance)
  • SACCOs
Key Result Area

Policy Advocacy & Lobbying

AMFI advocates for appropriate changes in legal & regulatory environment to ensure its members operate competitively and to create awareness among policy makers, development patners and the general public about the role of microfinance in poverty allevation and employment creation in Kenya.

Capacity bulding

AMFI provides its members with a package of capacity building programmes to enable them to develop skills and capacity to provide financial services to the poor

Networking & Linkages

AMFI provides regular platforms for its members to enhance effective collaboration among themeselves and with other development actors and stakeholders.

Research & Knowledge

AMFI provides its members with timely high quality research that help underpin some of its result areas such as Policy and Advocacy through partnership with research organization.

Why Choose Us


Our team is empowered to provide quick and efficient solutions to your financial needs. We believe that you will find our staff consistently responsive, focused and ready to delight our cherished customers.

Empowering Core values

The core values and principles that guide us in furthering our vision and mission are the continued commitment to:

  • Our Client
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Respect and Trust
  • Professionalism

Capable Team

You can count on our team of professional and capable staff, who are well vexed in the operations of the Financial Services Industry.

Abscence of Queue

What you will not find at AMFI is long waiting queue, complex loan approval processes and time consuming and impersonal interface

Our Values
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AMFI promotes the growth of the micro finance industry by supporting and encouraging professional development by enhancing the professional development of our members.
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Efficiency in Our Services
Our aim is to demonstrate that reliable, affordable and technically sustainable financial solutions can add value in low-income population and alsoour services are very accessible
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Trust Worthy
We have a strong passion and quest for facilitating clients towards achieving success, personal and team professionalism, institutional viability and financial sustainability.