Are you looking for an unconventional facility for organizing your courses and company training?

At our premises in AMFI we have our own training facility, fully equipped with all the necessary resources, from where we organize our expert courses and training. This facility is also available at attractive rates for your training, courses or meetings.

The training room

The room is approximately 50m2 and seats a maximum of 10-20 people. The use of a whiteboard, beamer, flip over and Wi-Fi is part of the standard equipment and included in the fee. Parking is free.

Half day- either
Morning/Afternoon session10,000.00
Whole day15,000.00

Optional facilities offered on request at an extra cost

Coffee/tea/ snack (morning and afternoon) 500.00 per person
Lunch on request

For more information, kindly contact

Pauline Adhiambo


020 2106090/2 OR 0737 409 059

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