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AMFI operations are guided by the following Pillars

The objective of this pillar is to strengthen the capacity of MFIs in delivering appropriate and sustainable microfinance services to low income people, through organization and coordination of workshops and training courses and effective management information systems, with a view to enhance members’ capacity to manage and operate MFIs professionally. To achieve this, AMFI will seek to conduct regular assessment of members’ capacity building needs and organize demand-driven training workshops and seminars on thematic areas and develop content specifically tailored to respond to members’ needs.

The objective of this pillar is to provide regular platforms for her members to enhance effective collaboration among themselves and with other development actors and relevant stakeholders. AMFI will seek to harness the wealth of experience and expertise among its membership and relationships with regional and international organization operating in the microfinance space to provide a platform for peer to peer learning and to improve information sharing and dissemination.

The objective of this pillar is to provide members with timely and quality research and information that help underpin the policy and advocacy agenda, and facilitate industry product design and decision-making processes. This is an area where immediate value can be created by initiating and promoting interest in research on microfinance, to enhance the understanding of the needs of microfinance industry, support informed policy and regulatory reform, product development and replication, and ultimately improve financial access for the low-income population in Kenya. An online resource center will be established to ensure that information on the microfinance industry is systematically generated, stored, analyzed, and disseminated to ensure continuous learning and the development of innovative, high impact financial inclusion policies.

The objective of this pillar is to achieve both financial and operational sustainability of the association. To achieve this AMFI members have identified sustainable sources of income which include and not limited to members subscriptions, sale of periodical publications, trainings and other members supported activities.