AMFI Kenya


Membership to AMFI is a sign of commitment to the ideals that AMFI seeks to promote.


  • Category 2

Commercial Banks, SACCOS, Insurance Companies, Organizations established under independent Acts of Parliament
and Development organizations


  • Category 1

Ordinary members comprise of: Deposit Taking Microfinance institutions, Credit Only Microfinance institutions and Wholesalers.


  • Category 3

Ex-official members. All categories of members with the exception of honorary members have equal voting rights and pay annual  subscriptions.


Eligibility Criteria

An Institution must:

  1. Offer microfinance services to the poor or low income earners or provide support services to the microfinance industry.
  1. Be committed or demonstrate clear intent to become sustainable.
  1. Have a clear microfinance business with a minimum of 500 clients and 1 year in operation.
  1. Non discriminate against clients on the basis of religion, ethnicity or political
  1. Be non‐Partisan
  1. Demonstrate management capacity to effectively manage their operations in accordance with internationally accepted principles as evidenced by; Vision/Mission, Governing body, Fit and Proper Test, Corporate Strategy, Quality of Portfolio, IR policy and Business Plan

Why Join AMFI?

Membership to AMFI is a sign of commitment to the ideals that AMFI seeks to promote. Membership benefits include:

  • Building your institution’s profile regionally and internationally.
  • Having a voice in shaping the future of the microfinance industry in Kenya.
  • Access to various forums where members make contacts, share and gather information and build consensus on industry issues.
  • Access to a wide range of services from AMFI including information, capacity building, technical assistance and advertising opportunities in AMFI’s publications and website.
  • Networking with AMFI’s global and regional partners.